Hello and welcome to my Little Willow blog, well welcome to those who might stumble across it anyway as I have yet to give this address to anyone :) I thought I might try and see how I get along with just writing in it first. It's all a lot of random stuff, but hey, hopefully there'll be something interesting for people

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


So we're halfway through the week -well slightly more for me as i have Friday off - Woo! So far the week hasn't been particularly eventful but I'm pleased with that. I know I had the book club on Monday but last night I managed to have a whole night of doing nothing - feels like a very long time since I did that and I think I need to burn that memory on my brain as it won't be happening again for at least a few more days :)

Off to the pictures tonight with Carol to see Date Night, which looks quite funny from the adverts, but we'll see. I made Carol choose the film tonight so that I couldn't possibly be blamed again for another less than brilliant film haha :)

Then tomorrow I'm meeting James but I have no idea what we're doing, so that should be interesting lol

Work so far this week has been ok, although had a mini nightmare today with the scanner, it just died on me with only 2 more files left to scan! Argh! very annoying. I didn't manage to get those files through so I'll have to give it another go another time :( Ah well, on the plus side, I did get to listen to my ipod for a few hours and took some time out to have a think - although i don't think I came to any conclusions about anything.

Anyway just a mini update today as not a lot has happened yet so don't want to bore people...

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