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Monday, 26 April 2010


So Monday came back around again - it always does this, every week :-( I'm so with Carol on campaigning for the 3 day weekend, how nice would that be? As fantastic as that would be without proviso's, I'd even be willing to work an extra hour per day to get it - which I know doesn't add up to a full day, but hey, we need some perks! :-)

But to be fair, it wasn't a bad Monday as they go. Work was mostly busy so the time went quickly, especially in the morning. Then tonight was my book club, which always means escaping to Caffe Nero for an hour with (usually) a yummy hot chocolate, but tonight I went for gorgeous soup and a mango and passionfruit frappe (I think that's what it was - iced drink thing anyway). So I people watched while I ate my soup. Have you ever noticed how happy everyone is in a coffee shop? You always meet in a coffee shop for happy times - you'd never go there and cry about something, or break up with someone, nothing negative - it's a place where friends meet up for a natter, and often a place people go on a first date awww.

I then tried to come up with a few article ideas again and I'm currently leaning towards doing one on phobia's, but more on the side of being objective, rather than my last subjective piece. Just to try something different. At the moment, the only magazine I can think of that might accept an obective article with a bit of psychology thrown in, is Psychologies - yet another magazine I've never read. So I bought one this evening in Waterstones - their last copy, obviously it's meant to be! So I'll have a bit of a sift through the magazine and see if it's suitable, or rather see if I can shape my article around stuff they would accept :) It's all in the writing haha. Plus, I will have a little mooch through the Writers and Artists yearbook and see if there's any other possible targets.

The book club itself discussed The Hellbound Heart. It did not get a good review from most people. The mean score was 3! I think there was only me, who gave it a 5, and Colin, who gave it a 6, who went beyond the 3 mark and dragged the score up a little. I agreed with all the criticism to be fair, but I just didn't really dislike it, I enjoyed reading it - although I think it was too short, and some of the issues brought up could have been ironed out if there'd been more pages to tell the story and go more in depth. Also, the synopsis isn't a very accurate portrayal of the book and it would have you believe that it's mostly from Frank's point of view, when it definitely isn't. I think it would have been much more interesting if we had seen this other world, had the atrocities described to us, not in a sick way, but because it would have made it more science fiction to have gone into another world.
Frank believes he is unlocking the ability to obtain all kinds of pleasures, beyond what humans could even imagine, but he doesn't stop to think that the 'things' on the side of this locked puzzle, might not have quite the same definition of pleasure as you or I have. Also, there are a lot of times when you're expected to believe that someone does something, 'just because' and that's not very satisfying really. But I made my score of 5 comparable to the other books we've read - of which Temeraire was the highest and Snow Crash didn't do too badly. But there were a few I have very low marks to as they just weren't my type of book. But unfortunately, saying all this to the group made them then ask me what I liked to read - which always makes me feel uncomfortable in case they laugh at me or something, but they didn't, which was nice :-)

Anyway Flashforward is just about to start, followed by, what I think will be, an amazing Glee episode, dedicated to Madonna! woo! :-)

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