Hello and welcome to my Little Willow blog, well welcome to those who might stumble across it anyway as I have yet to give this address to anyone :) I thought I might try and see how I get along with just writing in it first. It's all a lot of random stuff, but hey, hopefully there'll be something interesting for people

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Weekend gone :(

Hello again!

The weekend is behind us once again and what a busy weekend it was!

I went out with work on the Friday straight from work. We went down to the new Revolution at the Albert Dock and it was really nice - much posher than the Mathew Street one where we usually go. We were even greeted by someone in a shiny suit who showed us to a booth and then we got table service mostly - they kept noticing when our pitcher was getting empty and ask us about ordering more - not a bad plan for a bar, more likely to make even more money when the customers don't actually have to get up and fight their way to the bar! Not there was likely to be any fighting as it was a very big place so it didn't feel packed at all.
It was a good night and drank a fair amount but didn't remotely feel it. Was home by 11pm but to be fair, we had been out since 5pm!

Then Saturday was another busy one. Spent a few hours in town with my mum, had a few bits and bobs we needed to buy. We ended up getting home later than I'd thought so I had to rush and wash my hair and get back out and into town to meet Sian, Adam and Terri at the Flute to watch the England game. Me and Sian shared a few pitchers which were very nice and I definitely started to feel it that night, but think that was more because of the adrenaline and excitement of the game! The pub got really crowded but we had great seats right by the screen which Adam had kindly save for us throughout the day :) Then some weird bets started which involved licking faces and god knows why that started lol, but it was interesting enough and it meant we didn't have to pay any money out, which is good because I had run out by this time lol.

Unfortunately England drew with USA so I couldn't skit my sister in law :-( never mind, there's always the next lot of games they play, although they're likely to win them - but I can dream lol. Nah USA are my second team so I want them to do well, but not as good as us. So after the game we went to the Swan and then onto the Lisbon and then into Profile, a karaoke bar, which was good fun, despite not singing and glad people didn't force us to sing! But had a great night and got home at 3:15am :-)

Sunday wasn't too bad a day, woke up about 10am but had been hoping to have a bigger lie in but obviously it wasn't meant to be lol. The day went quite quick before it was time to leave the house again and go to the Echo arena to see Mamma Mia, which was very very good and we all really enjoyed it. But so very very tired by this point.

Yesterday after work, I met up with Sian and Adam for a quick hot chocolate before meeting up with Sobia and going to Las Iguanas and eating yummy fajita's! mmmmm. Which brings us to today and mostly I just want to go to sleep! lol.

On a brighter note, mine and Sara's fruit drive is going quite well so far (well we're only on day 2 lol) and we've eaten some yummy fruit! Had strawberries, cherries, pineapple and mango :-) We're going for veg tomorrow and bringing in red/yellow peppers and some celery and humous so another yummy day. Let's hope this is something we can keep up and the chocolate doesn't call us back :-(

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Nearly the weekend...ish


Kind of nearly the weekend, Thursdays are for beginning the wind down lol :-)
Got an email yesterday from the writers bureau to say that my tutor was on holiday until June 20th and that if I wanted to I could have my work looked at by another tutor. But I decided against doing that and said I'd just wait til Peter came back. Not sure whether this is a good thing or bad. I thought it best to stay consistent and I know he gives good feedback and tells me my grades, whereas someone else might be a bit funny and they haven't seen anything prior. Plus the less people that actually read my writing the better! lol :-)

Not got anything on tonight which is nice :) looking forward to a nice relax and Lie to Me is back so always good to watch my TV shows - oh and the final of Junior Apprentice as well, so seems like a TV night to me.
Out tomorrow night for Terri's 30th. Going to the revolution bar in the Albert Dock - just opened a couple of weeks ago so we'll check it out and see what it's like. I'm looking forward to going but probably won't be drinking that much as my money is dwindling fast this month :-( and need to keep hold of it. And with going to watch the match on Saturday at the pub then that'll be more money for food and drink and then meeting up with Sobia on Monday for food - these things all come about at the worst possible time! lol well I'll just have to be good and spend wisely!

Off now

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


not a lot has happened since Sunday really. I haven't heard anything back from my tutor yet - he was quicker last time but then again it is June and he could be on holiday :-)

Can't remember whether I mentioned in my last post that I had sent off the reader's letter I did for my assignment to the Petplan magazine who it was targeted at. I know it's before I've gotten my feedback but it's only a letter, I can't imagine he'll drastically change anything about it. Heard nothing from them yet either, but I hadn't really expected to. i think some people often don't find out til a cheque arrives in the post - although that's not likely to happen as they don't have my address and also the proze is vouchers - which I'm more than happy to have, especially since they're not just to spend on pets lol, I can spend it all on me :-) Aww I might get Jay a treat.

Went to book club last night, was really good as usual. I gave the book the lowest mark of everyone lol. Ah well never mind, we can't all like the same stuff all the time. We also picked the next lot of books - Graceling, The city in the city,  Brentford Triangle and Something Wicked this way comes. I've not read any of these although I have read a couple by Robert Rankin who wrote Brentford Triangle.
I won't be going to the next book club though :-( cos of being away, which is a shame cos I'm really liking this book, but never mind, more fun to be away and I can always email Glynn my thoughts if I want to :-)

Off to the cinema tonight to see Death at a Funeral, shoudl be a nice easy fun film to watch.

Watched Cloverfield last night after Glee and really liked it again. Loved it when I went to the cinema to see it but was very good on a second viewing too.

Going now

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Done and Dusted

Phew - finally finished Assignment 3 - although this time is only took me 2 months, so there's improvement there! lol. but the next assignment will take me longer to do as I don't intend on starting it until I've submitted a couple of short stories into competitions, so might not even start it til I'm back home from holiday, and then I'll probably spend a long time struggling with it :-( and now that I have just read the requirements, even more of a need for a :-( Ah well, I'll get through that assignment 2, the way I've gotten through these last 3.

So it's been quite a quiet weekend which is nice - didn't do anything on Friday night, except watch Cube 2 and then yesterday went shopping with mum for a couple of hours to pick up a few bits we needed, and a few we didn't even know we needed til they were in the basket! :-) and then I watched Cube Zero and bathed Jay. Today was the day I was determined to finish my assignment 3 by, and I did so yay me! Plus I'm also intending on starting a short story for submitting to a competition, which I've not started yet. Also looking forward to the 24 series finale tonight -double bill!

We have almost sorted out the houses for staying in Galveston and San Antonio which is good and I'm glad we've gone through VRBO for both places as it has made it a lot cheaper-  pretty much £20 a night!

Goign back in time now to Thursday night-  our team came 2nd in the movie quiz!!! And evil quizmaster Adam wouldn't let us have the prize because there were 6 of us! Only one more than technically allowed - but I  mean, what kind of a number is 5 anyway? Plus it wouldn't have bothered me if previous winners had had 6 in their team - and what makes it worse is that for the Twilight quiz he let the team, who had been reading the book through the quiz to find the answers, win!!!! He's just not very fair or objective :p We did get a little funny book out of it which is quite fun - but not the same as having the prestige of coming 2nd! :-( Ok, anyway rant over :-)

I'm going to get on now and start on a short story

Thursday, 3 June 2010

June already

I know it was June in my last post also but I didn't mention it there so thought I would now :) It's JUNE! Already! How did that happen? Ok ok all you funny people out there, yes i do realise how it all works :p

I kept going a little bit last night with my books vs E-readers article/filler and I felt a lot better about it as it seemed to be flowing more. I think I'll need to edit it a little as I've just been getting the ideas down so that I can remember but then I'll organise it better. Still no idea on a potential market though :( Will have to get my thinking cap on as I have to state the market written for on the assignment. Once I've finished this I can then send it off! Woo! Then it'll be 3 down, 17 to go lol. Still a long way to go isn't there? Never mind, only 7 more in non fiction then we can get to the fun stuff.

Got the movie quiz later so looking forward to that but anyway lunch is over now so have to go!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Well my writing day didn't go very well unfortunately. I did try all day but the ideas just wouldn't flow into my brain. I did slightly side track onto fiction but I couldn't even concentrate on that because I had wanted to get the assignment out of the way yesterday. I had started writing some more stuff by the end of the day but the sci fi and fantasy filler I wrote is just awful and there doesn't seem to be any particular point to it; then I moved onto books vs the e-reader which is going a bit better, although it is quite hard to not put your own opinions in there and at the same time make it sound as though you know what you're talking about.

But there's nothing I can do about that or my lack of ideas. The main thing that writing stuff says is to 'write what you know' but I'm finding out that I don't know an awful lot about anything lol! Or rather I don't know how to turn what I do know into an article or how to find the right angle to talk about. Hmmm methinks that non-fiction is not my forte! But I do want to give it a decent try and I'm looking forward to the travel writing and the photography modules, they should be quite interesting, not easy by any means though.

I'll keep going with the books vs e-reader filler/article and see how it goes, though I have no idea what the target market would be - suppose it depends on how biased I am to one or the other, or if I can make it sound equal. But I can't get on with it tonight as going out for mum's birthday :) Bit of a distraction might help.

I actually really want to finish this assignment for a couple of reasons - one to see the back of it :) and the other so I can concentrate on a short story or two and see if any seem good enough to enter into any competitions as there's a few coming up. I'll probably make myself read through the marathon story and edit (a lot) and see what the "finished" product sounds like.

Anyway lunch will be over soon so better get off