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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Weekend gone :(

Hello again!

The weekend is behind us once again and what a busy weekend it was!

I went out with work on the Friday straight from work. We went down to the new Revolution at the Albert Dock and it was really nice - much posher than the Mathew Street one where we usually go. We were even greeted by someone in a shiny suit who showed us to a booth and then we got table service mostly - they kept noticing when our pitcher was getting empty and ask us about ordering more - not a bad plan for a bar, more likely to make even more money when the customers don't actually have to get up and fight their way to the bar! Not there was likely to be any fighting as it was a very big place so it didn't feel packed at all.
It was a good night and drank a fair amount but didn't remotely feel it. Was home by 11pm but to be fair, we had been out since 5pm!

Then Saturday was another busy one. Spent a few hours in town with my mum, had a few bits and bobs we needed to buy. We ended up getting home later than I'd thought so I had to rush and wash my hair and get back out and into town to meet Sian, Adam and Terri at the Flute to watch the England game. Me and Sian shared a few pitchers which were very nice and I definitely started to feel it that night, but think that was more because of the adrenaline and excitement of the game! The pub got really crowded but we had great seats right by the screen which Adam had kindly save for us throughout the day :) Then some weird bets started which involved licking faces and god knows why that started lol, but it was interesting enough and it meant we didn't have to pay any money out, which is good because I had run out by this time lol.

Unfortunately England drew with USA so I couldn't skit my sister in law :-( never mind, there's always the next lot of games they play, although they're likely to win them - but I can dream lol. Nah USA are my second team so I want them to do well, but not as good as us. So after the game we went to the Swan and then onto the Lisbon and then into Profile, a karaoke bar, which was good fun, despite not singing and glad people didn't force us to sing! But had a great night and got home at 3:15am :-)

Sunday wasn't too bad a day, woke up about 10am but had been hoping to have a bigger lie in but obviously it wasn't meant to be lol. The day went quite quick before it was time to leave the house again and go to the Echo arena to see Mamma Mia, which was very very good and we all really enjoyed it. But so very very tired by this point.

Yesterday after work, I met up with Sian and Adam for a quick hot chocolate before meeting up with Sobia and going to Las Iguanas and eating yummy fajita's! mmmmm. Which brings us to today and mostly I just want to go to sleep! lol.

On a brighter note, mine and Sara's fruit drive is going quite well so far (well we're only on day 2 lol) and we've eaten some yummy fruit! Had strawberries, cherries, pineapple and mango :-) We're going for veg tomorrow and bringing in red/yellow peppers and some celery and humous so another yummy day. Let's hope this is something we can keep up and the chocolate doesn't call us back :-(

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