Hello and welcome to my Little Willow blog, well welcome to those who might stumble across it anyway as I have yet to give this address to anyone :) I thought I might try and see how I get along with just writing in it first. It's all a lot of random stuff, but hey, hopefully there'll be something interesting for people

Wednesday, 14 October 2009 my main title suggest -No ideas yet!

Really not used to this, but quite like the idea of writing stuff down so will give it a go and see what happens.

I'd like to join the Waterstones sci fi and fantasy book club but don't think I can make it on November 2nd so will probably have to wait until the December meeting. Don't even know what it is about it that makes me want to join, I just like the IDEA of it at the moment since I like books and I like people so they kind of go together with a book club. I think if I do this, I'll feel like bit by bit I'll be moving in to Waterstones, there's already a couple of members of staff who know who I am, either from just going in or from the movie quizzes which i go to every month.

Ok, anyway I really should be writing my application forms rather than writing here...