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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Done and Dusted

Phew - finally finished Assignment 3 - although this time is only took me 2 months, so there's improvement there! lol. but the next assignment will take me longer to do as I don't intend on starting it until I've submitted a couple of short stories into competitions, so might not even start it til I'm back home from holiday, and then I'll probably spend a long time struggling with it :-( and now that I have just read the requirements, even more of a need for a :-( Ah well, I'll get through that assignment 2, the way I've gotten through these last 3.

So it's been quite a quiet weekend which is nice - didn't do anything on Friday night, except watch Cube 2 and then yesterday went shopping with mum for a couple of hours to pick up a few bits we needed, and a few we didn't even know we needed til they were in the basket! :-) and then I watched Cube Zero and bathed Jay. Today was the day I was determined to finish my assignment 3 by, and I did so yay me! Plus I'm also intending on starting a short story for submitting to a competition, which I've not started yet. Also looking forward to the 24 series finale tonight -double bill!

We have almost sorted out the houses for staying in Galveston and San Antonio which is good and I'm glad we've gone through VRBO for both places as it has made it a lot cheaper-  pretty much £20 a night!

Goign back in time now to Thursday night-  our team came 2nd in the movie quiz!!! And evil quizmaster Adam wouldn't let us have the prize because there were 6 of us! Only one more than technically allowed - but I  mean, what kind of a number is 5 anyway? Plus it wouldn't have bothered me if previous winners had had 6 in their team - and what makes it worse is that for the Twilight quiz he let the team, who had been reading the book through the quiz to find the answers, win!!!! He's just not very fair or objective :p We did get a little funny book out of it which is quite fun - but not the same as having the prestige of coming 2nd! :-( Ok, anyway rant over :-)

I'm going to get on now and start on a short story

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  1. Yay for finished.... BOO for evil adam!!!