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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all! Hope the day brings lots of chocolatey goodness and that the Easter bunny was kind :-)

So Thursday night was good - we came 4th in the quiz!! amazingly brilliant for us, but also heartbreaking to be so close...especially when we were dithering over a couple of answers and got them wrong :-( never mind, there's always next time...and the time after that. Another great thing about the quiz was the addition of Sian's very yummy black bottom cupcakes with a lovely green cream cheese frosting! Soooo nice.

On to Friday - didn't do very much, watched previous week's Over the Rainbow and didn't get dressed til gone noon. Then I pretty much just messed around til I needed to go and wash my hair before Sian came around. When Sian came, we played Just dance on the wii - very tiring work, but a good work out, especially for the arms, which i'm still feeling slightly today! but on the down side of this great work out, another shower was needed lol. So we got ready and eventually left mine about 9:30pm and got the train in to town and walked down to the Pan Am on Albert Dock. We both said at the end of the night that the experience was good to have had but never again! Everyone was old and retiring or were in their 40s and above and divorced with children!! nd then we got trapped into a booth by this crazy psycho woman dissing us cos we had cocktails and said that our daddy probably paid for them!!!! ha! the cheek - they were out of our own hard worked for cash!! :p never mind, we managed to escape soon after and grab a taxi before she could follow us lol.

Got up the next morning and watched new Lost, yay! go Lost - it was a 2 person episode but won't say any more in case Sian does actually read this one, and I like being alive :) Dropped Sian off at the train station later on as she was meeting Carol in town and I was going shops with my mum, needed a couple of bits from Speke retail park and then needed the missing ingredients to make chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting! Then getting home from Asda was a bit of a disaster, I was carrying a couple of bags from my car to the house and the next second I hear *smash*! The 1L bottle of vodka had made a vodka bottle shaped hole in the carrier bag and smashed all over the driveway!! So we had to clear that up and mum got on the phone to Asda who said as long as we could bring the top bit back to prove we hadn't opened it (when would we have drunk it? In the car on the way home?) then we could get another, which is good as spirits are quite expensive (although weirdly the 1L bottle was cheaper than the 750cl bottle, but I wasn't about to complain!).
Then it was all a bit of a rush to get some lunch and get sorted before Sara came to pick me up to go to her dress fitting, which was lovely and she looked gorgeous in it, Neil will be so chuffed!

Got back home later on and made those yummy chocolate cupcakes and they were so so yummy!!! We've only eaten one each so far and mum already wants another batch making!! lol. Then sat down to watch Doctor Who, first one with the new guy in and have to say i thought he was quite alright in the role and I'm definitely open to seeing more from him and hopefully he'll do really well.

And today is Easter Sunday, not long got back from church, so still have the whole day ahead. I'm going to try and think about doing some of my assignment today although I'm fairly sure I'll be able to convince myself that today is a holiday and I should really leave it til tomorrow, but we'll see :) Have to get at least the vast majority done before going back to work - this is my own personal goal, so wish me luck!!

Catch ya later

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