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Sunday, 25 April 2010

So, that's it...

Oh my God - it's gone now, I've sent it off - argh it feels so weird!! I've emailed off my article proposal to Red magazine. As I've said previously I completely expect it to be rejected, I mean what are the chances that anyone gets anything accepted on their first try? At least this realistic approach will help with the rejection lol.

I think I ended up writing a whole load of crap for the query letter as it's supposed to include information on other stuff you've had published etc, and obviously having none, I just had to igore that part. I did write on that I was currently enrolled on the WB course and I don't know whether that's a good thing, showing that I'm writing, or a bad thing, showing inexperience? Who knows, I'll just have to wait and see now. And just as I was writing this, I received a mail delivery notification from the email address I used, saying it had failed permanently :-( I got the email address off their website so that's not very good. I've now sent it again using a different one, so fingers crossed that gets there - if not, it'll have to go the old fashioned way - by snail mail! Hopefully not though, it just extends the waiting time!

I was supposed to be going out today for a wander over the water but James wasn't very well so we've had to postpone :-( Ah well, I suppose it's given me the opportunity to finally send my article off to Red.

Got the book club tomorrow at Waterstones. I really like the Monday's I go to the book club as I get to spend a nice couple of hours in Caffe chocolate. I've also bought a couple of the more trashy magazines to have a read through that might help me get a couple of ideas for reader's letters or fillers, so I'll have a look through them in Caffe Nero :-) for Assignment 3.

Well so far so good, not had the second email returned, so it might have got there.

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