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Friday, 9 April 2010

Clash of the Titans

I went to see this film on Wednesday - Orange Wednesday in fact :)
I actually quite enjoyed the film, it wasn't what I expected in some parts but it was good.

It's about Perseus trying to save a city from Hades and the Kraken and has to go on a little journey to speak to the 3 witches, while battling all kinds of demons along the way, including huge scorpions and the medusa. I really liked the Medusa bits, was good. To be fair to Hades though, he was given permission by Zeus to wreak his havoc on the mortals as they had started to rebel against the gods and stopped worshipping them, which made them weaker.
Oh and Perseus gets a pegasus and I would like one of those now as well, although I'd still prefer Toothless :)

And on a completely separate note - a 2nd follower! woo! it's almost becoming crowded in here haha lol. My new follower is Carol, who is kindly going to show me what Twitter is all about at some point :D TA!!

Right here we go...another day, but it's Friday so that's always good, but ideally I'd like to go back to bed now lol. But happy things to come - cinema tonight to see the Bounty Hunter and then go home and watch Lost and then sleep! woo! Then off to the hospital tomorrow yay!

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