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Thursday, 8 April 2010

So I got my assignment 2 back yesterday - so quick. When I saw it sitting there in my inbox, my heart just briefly stopped beating and my stomach dropped and it did take me a few minutes before I'd open it! But I got a B so yay! So I'm very pleased with that considering I hadn't thought I'd do very well, having found it so difficult and took me ages to finish. My tutor said that the only problem with writing self help articles of this type (to be honest, I wouldn't have classed my article as self help, I was going more for life story that Red likes) is that food intolerance might not be mainstream enough or affect enough of the potential readership that a magazine would accept it. He said that I might get lucky though and send it to an editor who has a similar problem. But on the positive side he said it was well written, highly informative and interesting read :-) so I don't suppose I could do much better - well maybe a whole grade higher haha but only being on assignment 2 I'm quite chuffed!

So I will send a query email to Red and see if they're interested and if not, maybe try to do a little re-write to hopefully fit another publication, but one at a time. I might look at removing the bits that are "self-helpy" and see if that might make it more appropriate. And also get on with Assignment 3, which I think I talked about in my last post - if not I will come back and edit this one :-) so I might need to start going back to the library. Also might ask friends if there's anything they think I'm good at or know a fair bit about and see if any of those could make for a good filler. Also need to check out the freelance market new magazine for the reader's letters section, also maybe think about a tip of some kind I'd be good at...can't think of anything off the top of my head but we'll see.

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