Hello and welcome to my Little Willow blog, well welcome to those who might stumble across it anyway as I have yet to give this address to anyone :) I thought I might try and see how I get along with just writing in it first. It's all a lot of random stuff, but hey, hopefully there'll be something interesting for people

Sunday, 16 May 2010


So I have finally finished that marathon story, as you can see in the post below. I have also finally gotten around to re-emailing Red since I haven't heard from them regarding my article proposal (which isn't very surprising, I hadn't actually expected to) but I'm following the rules from my course which say you can follow up a lack of response asking if they have made any decision yet, and then if I don't hear anything again in the next 2-3 weeks, I send another email saying that if I haven't heard from them in a number of days then I will assume they don't want it and I am free to submit it to another magazine. So it might be worth my while investigating other magazines I could send it to.

In the week, I also bough a subscription to The Lady magazine. I have no idea what it's like but they had an offer of 5 magazines for £5 so I thought that was probably much cheaper than buying a couple of them in the shop, plus I haven't actually seen the magazine anywhere yet. So hopefully it should get here very soon as it's a weekly magazine, and I can have a flick through and try and get some inspiration.

As I've said in a previous post, I started on my Assignment 3 doing the do's and don'ts list for bridesmaids. I've asked Laura a couple of questions which I'm hoping will help me finish that but she's so busy with her uni work that she doesn't have a chance at the minute, but I don't mind at all as I don't have any deadlines, and I need to do something else as well for the assignment as I don't think the list will be 2000 words.

Dad showed me the magazine that Pet Plan insurance send out every so often and it had some interesting stuff in there and said I could send in a letter to them about Jay, which would be a good idea. We managed to come up with quite a few ideas about what I could write about Jay - anything from him having been bought to help with my phobia and him being as scared of spiders as I was - and then how he got better with them and chased the down. Also could do something about all his allergies he has and how over the years Pet Plan insurance has helped with the cost of all of that, which might be a good way to get it published, by saying wonderful things about the company :)

Well I need to go now and have a look at this magazine and see how I can fit Jay into it. There's also the option of writing a filler about him, either for this magazine, or something like Your Dog possibly.

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