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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

An idea


So I've had an idea. I have this "Writer's Block" book thing, which is an aid to 'jump-start your imagination'. There's lots of little square pages which add up to a block, ingeniously enough. Now I've no used this since I got it about a year ago (oops) but I thought I could maybe have a go at utilising it on here. So if I just pick a page at random and then have a go at writing something on that subject, saying, topic etc and see how it goes?

Now when I say I'll pick a page at random, what I actually mean to say is that I'll pick a page at random and see if I like it or not, if not, I'll pick another, and so on until I find one I like :) I think that seems extremely fair. I will write down all the pages I pick and if anyone would like to contribute to any of those that are left unpicked, or indeed the one that is picked, please feel free. OK, I have come back to slightly amend my way of choosing - I will go to 3 pages randomly and I have to pick from one of them.

According to the block, there are 3 different types of writing exercises: a writing challenge - which are short assignments designed to get you writing as quickly as possible. You can only ponder the exercise for a couple of minutes, then you just have to get going (although I doubt the book will find out if you think for five minutes!). This particular exercise is always paired with a photograph, relevant to the challenge, which you can use to help you, or not as you see fit.
Exercise type 2 is 'Spark Words'. This will just be a single word, also accompanied with a photograph(s).
The last exercise is 'Writing Topics' which is advice from authors, which may or may not conclude with an exercise.

Ok let's give this a go then - drum roll please - and the first page has opened to...'Marathon' with a picture of people (amazingly) running a marathon. Ok, let me think for those allowed couple of minutes...ok, onto the next page -'write about the worst driving you have ever done' Moi? Bad driving, I don't think so! :p haha lol - to be honest, I can think of a couple of occasions but it'd very boring, normal things and the 3rd one is 'Fireworks'. OK, give me a minute (or 5) to think about these 3 topics, well 2 as I'm already discounting the worst driving one.

Read my next post to find out what I choose, well to be fair, it'll be the first post you see as you'l see the newer post before this one :)

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