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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

So...I guessed it right :-)

Despite only sending the article proposal yesterday to Red magazine, I received a response today, which was quite impressive I thought. Unfortunately it was the answer I was expecting, but they said it in a nice way, so that helped lol, although I know it's all the spiel - saying they had read it with interest but it wasn't quite right for Red. Despite knowing it would get rejected, I haven't thought about who to try next and whether that would involve some kind of editing to make it more accessible for a particular publication. I think I'll have a look at that on Sunday.

Work went quickly this morning but then dragged this afternoon, which is annoying. Also, yesterday when I went back to the minutes I'm in the process of typing up, part of it had just disappeared! Stupid computer fairies, why do they do that? I mean typing up minutes is bad enough without having to do a section twice! lol. Never mind, I got it done so fingers crossed it's still there tomorrow.

Had a good go on Wii fit plus before which made me feel nice and healthy :) Haven't been on it for a while (42 days it told me...oops!). I was expecting to have put a ton of weight on because I've been just snacking recently and not doing very much exercise at all, but I had indeed lost a pound in those 42 days lol. Which is crap all in that length of time if trying actively to lose weight, but I was happy about it, always good to go down, even a little. So I had a (relatively) healthy(ish) dinner, jacket potato with cheese and a celery stick and a tomoato - I've done quite well with my fruit and veg portions today, got all 5 in there! woo! I think just eating those 5 portions should make you automatically lose 5 lbs or something, it seems only fair - although there would have to be some way to stop it when you got to your ideal weight, or we'd all just fade away! :)

Anyway, off to watch Chuck!

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