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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Word usage error - best buy

Hello all

Today while idly looking at laptops I went to the Best Buy website and came across this beauty of a mistake:

Model: EME442
Perfect for basic everyday computing, this eMachines 15.6" Laptop is equipt with a 250GB and 2GB Memory 

This error screamed out at me and then I proceeded to tell my friend in the office, very pleased that once again I had been so observant.
As you can see a word is used that is just very poor English - "EQUIPT" come on people, really??? Obviously this word should be "Equipped". I am now starting to believe that all proofreaders have been fired and there is no-one out there to check out for these kinds of errors. On the plus side if I ever decide I want to be a proofreader, maybe I could send them to this blog as my CV? :-)


  1. my breath is positively baited!

  2. I apologise, I was busy baking :)

  3. I noticed it as I was reading but then you did give me a clue in that your post is called 'word usage error'!