Hello and welcome to my Little Willow blog, well welcome to those who might stumble across it anyway as I have yet to give this address to anyone :) I thought I might try and see how I get along with just writing in it first. It's all a lot of random stuff, but hey, hopefully there'll be something interesting for people

Monday, 10 January 2011

Typing error

It would seem I'm on a roll at the moment, noticing all these small mistakes and the following comes from another email I received; this one from The Trafford Centre. It won't let me actually copy and paste the small advert on here as a whole as it won't save as a picture, so for today you will have to make do with a copy and paste from the email with the error in question, and trust I didn't just make it up :-)

"Don't miss out on this fabulous treat, only available this week Tuesday-Friday 11am-1pm*. Plus, the fist 100 people to pick up the booklet will receive a free beauty goody bag. *While stocks last."

Can you spot the mistake? It's only a small one - 'Plus the fist 100 people' should be 'Plus the first 100 people'. As I said, only a small error, but it just shows that companies are not proofreading their work fully - either that or they don't have very good proofreaders :-)

Let me know if you see anything out there


  1. Lol, it's amazing isn't it! I read the Daily Mail news website every day, and they make a fair amount of mistakes on there, both in grammar and spelling. I wish they didn't jump out at me as much as they do because I actually get annoyed now when I see them!! I guess I just expect newspapers to get it right seeing as though they publish for a living!

    Ho Hum xx

  2. Haha, doing a writing course makes things like this definitely jump out at you a lot more, though I have to say it's always been one of my pet hates lol :)