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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Spelling Errors - NHS Discounts AND email

Hello all

Another 2 emails with mistakes have found their way into my inbox. To be fair, I'm finding now that I am scrutinising these emails for mistakes, so I'm finding more things that I may possibly have skimmed over and not noticed a couple of months ago. But it just goes to show that if you look hard enough, mistakes are everywhere.

This is the second time I have found a mistake on the NHS discounts email and this time it is on an advert for Superbreak

If you look under the word 'Romance?' The first option is 'Diner deals'. Now my first thought was "yay I've found another one - this should be dinner". But then I did take a moment to think about it and check it out and make sure they didn't actually mean 'diner deals' - though I'm not sure somewhere like 'OK Diner' (if it's still going) would be the first choice for a romantic night out. But anyway I followed the link to the website and lo and behold they had a section there called 'Dinner Deals'. This mistake is probably just a typo, but even so, it still should have been checked.
Also, a first for my blog, there is a small second mistake on this advert: luxury hotels and country escapes are two separate options so should therefore have a comma between them. Something small, but someone could be very disappointed to discover that they won't be getting a deal on a luxury hotel in the country :-)

On the plus side, they used the word 'your' correctly

Like the email above, this is the second time I have found a mistake on a email. This time it is a Santander advert:

Focus On...

Santander's ZERO Current Account
- Santander's market-leading ZERO Current Account is now available to more people. Not only is if fee-free and offering 5% interest on balances up to £2,500, but new customers also receive a £100 switching bonus. So is it time you made the move and got more from your current account?

Not the easiest one to find as it is such a small mistake, again probably a typo. The offending sentence above reads 'Not only is if fee-free and offering...' but it should be 'Not only is it fee-free and offering...'
Come on people - pull yourself together!


  1. Now, now, Miss Catherine! If you're going to do blog posts like this you need to straighten up your own labels! I spot one glaring spelling error in there!

    I scanned the NHS discounts one without reading what you said about it and spotted the lack of a comma but not the 'diner deals'. I also now feel intense pressure when posting on your blog to make no mistakes, hehehe x

  2. Haha how ironic! I scrutinised everything in the content of the email but didn't even think about the labels lol! All fixed and sorted now - thanks :-) Aww don't feel the pressure, I read your emails for fun, I don't partiularly care if you spell stuff wrong or miss a comma but I'm scanning their emails now for errors lol. Also even if I did come across an error in an email you'd written, I'm not going to bring it up! lol

    Anyway more importantly - have you thought of a name yet? lol