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Friday, 14 January 2011

Moving Out

One of my New Year's resolutions this year was to look for a houseshare to move into. Housesharing wasn't ever really the ideal but circumstances have made it the best option at the moment and I want to do something different this year, start changing my life and this seemed the best way to start.

I started having a look at a couple of websites at the beginning of the month but only made my first appointments for last weekend. I was very scared about going and quite nervous as it just felt a bit beyond me. The first house I visited was in Dovecot, very near Huyton and the house was huge but there was just something about it that wasn't for me. The place did feel a bit run down and quite student-y and although the bedroom would have been huge, the kitchen was tiny in comparison to the rest of the house and I think the house held 7 people at any one time. Also another thing that put me off was that there were currently only males living in the house and although I don't mind sharing with guys, I'd want a bit of female company I think - lived too long with only brothers to go through that again! haha

The second house that day was in Old Swan and it was a 2 bedroomed terraced house with a live in landlady. The house was actually really nice - very well decorated and very tidy! However the bedroom was small, smaller than my own at home which would seem to defeat the object really. The girl however was lovely so it's a shame the house was a bit small.

I found another house on the website last weekend and made an appointment to see it on Tuesday evening, completely forgetting that I was starting my cake decorating class so I decided to take half a day off work and maybe go and see a couple of houses. So I got to this one in Old Swan, with my mum, for about 1:30pm and we were shown around the house by the landlady's mum, who was lovely. The house was huge! Unfortunately there were no housemates there so I couldn't meet anyone.
After that we drove to a house in Allerton where the landlady's father was meeting us. He barely spoke to us when we got there and then the key wouldn't work in the lock and it appears the lock was broken - with a tenant still inside the house. SO basically the guy just said 'it needs a new lock, that'll have to get fixed' and then buggered off leaving the poor girl stuck inside the house with no way to actually get out! Lovely guy. As I'm sure you'll understand, I decided not to reschedule.

Anyway having a think on it that evening, I decided I really liked the Old Swan house and would like to go back and visit to meet the housemates as I wouldn't really want to move anywhere without meeting who I'd be living with. So I went and I met 3 of the 4 who currently live there and they seemed very nice and they told me they're a sociable bunch but also respectful of people's space and privacy which sounds ideal. I stayed for about 20 minutes before leaving the house with a good feeling.

To cut this long story a little shorter, I have paid a deposit on Room 1 (with en suite) in this house and will be moving in sometime in February (date still to be decided). There are 6 bedrooms (a second bedroom was also up for rental). There are 2 living rooms, a large bathroom (though I won't be using it much with having my own bathroom) and a downstairs loo in the utility room. The kitchen is huge and has a little dining area. We pretty much get a whole fridge each!!! Although there will be a lot of people in the house, it feels big enough that you won't be stumbling over each other all the time or getting in each other's way. The current housemates are 2 girls and 2 guys.

It's all happened very fast and I'm excited but very nervous also. But you've got to do these things and try it out and I'm sure it'll be fine.

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