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Friday, 3 September 2010

Success for my brother too :)

My brother Stephen has been writing children's stories about the adventures of Harold the Platypus and his friends. Harold is a very "real" teddy bear platypus and Stephen's inspiration was drawn from him.

He has written a few different stories - from memory - Harold and the Mermaid, Harold on safari, a Christmas one and Harold in Space is currently under construction. The stories are very sweet and I think, made even more endearing by the fact that they are filled with drawings done by children.

Now Mandy, his wife and 'agent' has been sending his books far and widfe to publishers and self publishing companies. Now there has been no word from a lot these places as of yet - especially those sent to America and Australia, but they have signed a contract with self publishing company Authorhouse, who will help them to sell these books and they will even be on Amazon in a couple of month's time, just in time for the Christmas rush! :-) So this is a very exciting time for both Stephen and Mandy and I wish them every success with it.

I know Mandy has also contacted Phoenix Yard publishers, a contact I provided after having read a blog post from Maureen, so thank you very much for that and they hope to hear something soon.
Good luck for the future and may it be Harold-shaped

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