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Friday, 10 September 2010

Sent it in

Yay, another assignment done and dusted! woo! It took ages for it to actually get through though cos the email is about 11MB!! This is due to having pictures as part of the article, which will very much help but I'll need to find a way to make them smaller. I managed to do that a little bit by just hitting the compress pictures button in Word but they need to be smaller again i think but without actually losing the quality - so if anyone can help with that, I'll be very grateful.
I've already recruited one very kind friend, Mel, to a slightly different cause and I've asked her to remove the backgrounds from the nappy cake because at the moment you can see my bedroom floor on some and out the kitchen window (and you can see the washing! lol) on others. Mel assures me this is easy and should get it done in super quick time - go Mel. But so I could just get my assingment handed in, I've sent my tutor the unedited ones - with the explanation that I'm currently editing them lol :)

Anyway I really should get straight onto assignment 5 as I need to pick up the speed a bit as the course does have a limited life and granted it's a 4 year life but i'm already almost a year through and only completed 4 assignments so that's not the best really.

Anyway I'll be back on to say how I got on...wish me luck!!

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