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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

DVD Review - The Strangers


My first DVD review! Ooooh. I was invited around to my friend Sian's house to watch this as she wasn't sure if she'd be too creeped out to watch it alone :-)

The film stars Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman and very few other people. It's mostly filmed on the one location - a secluded house and the surrounding wooded area. It is apparently 'inspired by a true story'.

Kristen and James arrive home at 4am to the secluded house (always a necessity for a horror movie), after having attended a friend's wedding. Both are upset and emotional after having a disagreement about their relationship. James calls his friend, leaving a message, asking to be picked up later in the morning.

Soon though they hear a loud knock on the door and open it to find a young woman just standing there, who eventually asks for someone who doesn't live there. They send her away but as must be done in a creepy film, she hangs around staring at the house. The chills and menacing further increase throughout the film by the masked terrorisers.

The film isn't quite what I expected but there were a few good jumps. It was quite an odd film I think, but I did like it overall, but I can also see why some people may find it a little boring. There isn't an awful lot of action. I probably wouldn't class it as a horror film, maybe more of a chiller.

I liked the end of the film and found the reasoning behind their attack very interesting...but you'll have to watch it for yourself to find out...

I'd give this film a 5.5 out of 10

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