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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Assignment 4 - The results

Hello again

I got my feedback for assignment 4 and got another Grade B - I use the word another not in a bad way, just purely in a descriptive way as it is another B - I now have 3 B's, but I'm happy with that, a B is good :-)

I do feel I got better feedback for this assignment, or rather more constructive feedback and here it is verbatim:

(1) Letter to Easy Living
If this was just the straightforward ‘pat on the back’ type letter it first appears to be, it would probably go into a very large pile, since most magazines get many more of this type than they can actually use. However, you’ve also used the letter to refer back to a previously published article – and this creates the very feedback and response that letters pages need for their life blood.
(1) Letter to Sainsbury’s Magazine
Much the same comments go for this letter – although you are also making the point that their policies have helped you as an individual, so you are personalising the comment. This might encourage other readers/customers to write similar letters – thus continuing that process of feedback etc.

(3) Letter to Writing Magazine
The fact that this was printed as the star letter says it all, really – doesn’t it? This is the way to write letters that get printed. Now all you have to do is to concentrate your efforts where cash or prizes are offered in exchange.
(4) Article for Prima magazine
You’ve done your research well here, identifying a specific magazine, its main core of interest and typical readership. Using this information, you have been able to produce an article which is directly geared to those criteria.
I’m often dubious about these ‘do-it-yourself’ craft articles, since many of them either end up looking cheap and tacky, totally impractical or are so fiddly and time-consuming that no-one is ever going to bother trying them out. Here however, you’ve come up with a reasonably simple method of making an attractive-looking, practical gift which would probably be appreciated by many new mums. The step by step photographs are a definite bonus – but you’re probably right about shooting them again with a plain background.

It all sounds very positive, I just need to sort out those photo's for the article and get it sent off and hopefully it'll be a first acceptance! One can only hope - for if there's no optimism, it'll show in the writing and it'll never get accepted. So having hope is good, but also a good dollop of realism helps, so I'm always hopeful an article will get published but I don't 'expect' it. Perhaps if I had received my prize from my star letter I'd be able to find more markets to write for :-p I've won a prize and I want it now lol - how very selfish of me lol.
Anyway, onwards and upwards to assignment 5 - after this I'll be halfway through the non-fiction section and that much close to getting to the fiction bit! keep going, keep plodding on, I'll get there in the end. nd to my surprise I've actually already started on an idea for this assignment, so maybe there won't be a moaning blog looking for inspiration. I just have to find the right angle...

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