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Friday, 10 September 2010

Film Review - Dinner for Schmucks

I went to see this film last night which starred Steve Carell as Barry and Paul Rudd as Tim.
The basic premise is that Tim is looking to get a promotion within the company he works for and looks like it could happen but first he has to attend a 'dinner for winners' event at his boss' house. It's explained to Tim that they each must bring along an idiot as a guest and there is a trophy for the best idiot. This doesn't really sit well with Tim but he agrees for the sake of his to find an idiot though.

And he literally crashes into one when he knocks over Barry, who had bent down to save a dead mouse. Barry is one of those people that you hope you'll never know and by the end of this 10 minute meeting, he is showing Tim an album of all his dead mice diorama projects. You can almost see the lightbulb light up above Tim's head - he's found his idiot.

However, things go from bad to worse in their short and turbulent relationship from the moment of meeting, to finally going to the dinner, only the following evening - who knew so much could happen in one day? Incidents range from Barry getting the wrong night for dinner to him mistaking Tim's girlfriend, Julia, for a one night stand, Darla, Tim had had before he even met Julia, to inviting the psychotic, obsessed Darla to a very important client meeting and asking her to pose as Julia.

I personally found the film funny and it kept me smiling throughout. Yes it's silly fun and won't appeal to everyone, but it does also have a few sad moments and overall I felt it was an endearing movie. May I say I never want a friend like Barry.

I'll give the film a...oooh I'm not really sure actually...erm...6.5 out of 10

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