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Monday, 1 November 2010

NaNoWriMo Day One

Wow, this has come about so fast and we're already at the end of Day 1. And what a day it has been for those participating. I've just been on the website and there is an overall wordcount from everyone taking part and just after 1 day of writing, almost 55 and a half MILLION words have been written! There have been some busy bees today. I imagine the rise of the word count will begin to slow down in a couple of days as people's lives take over or they get stuck with a plotline.

I used my time in Caffe Nero wisely tonight and wrote 440 words in half an hour and was very proud of myself as that is almost half way to the amount I said I would aim for in the month. So after my book club, I typed up the words I'd written and then carried on the story and have ended the day with 1078 words written! I feel very happy with that and all those words from just over an hour of writing - so imagine what could be done with a day off work! Not that I have any in November unfortunately.

I uploaded my word count onto the website and was very excited to see that it did translate onto my little word count widget in the previous post. I am however going to repost the widget on each post about NaNoWriMo so no one needs to go looking for it.

The month has started well and I'm pleased with my word count, but it does make me want to go and write some more now (but it's bedtime) so I hope that I haven't peaked already and this will be the best I do. I would appreciate people asking me how it's going and if I've been getting a good word count - purely as a motivational tool.


  1. well done! I did 1701 words today but I spent most of the day and evening to get that!! I'm struggling already, I keep wanting to go back and edit and change it all,I'm starting to get nervous now that im going to fail miserabley!!!

  2. Thank you - you've done really great too, got off to a great start by smashing the suggested daily word count. I'm impressed. Yes not editing is quite hard but it's a little liberating too, I'm finding where I would normally stop and go back and spend ages tweaking things, I can actually get on with the story.
    Don't be defeated already!! You'll make it. If you're on the NaNoWriMo website, if you want to have a writing buddy, my username is Fieryangel. Good luck and keep up that word count! :)

  3. Well done guys keep it up. You will do superbly I am sure.