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Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Hello everyone

November 1st sees NaNoWriMo start - National Novel Writing Month; a concept first conceived in 1999 in the San Francisco Bay area by Chris Baty, who got 21 people together and they decided they would spend the whole of November writing a 50,000 word novel. A heck of a feat you might think - and you'd be right. Since 1999, NaNoWriMo has gone global with more than 200,000 people now "officially" taking part - those that sign up to the website - there are probably countless others joining in from the sidelines.

I read into this yesterday and really liked the sound of it so I have decided to sign up and try and do it. I don't actually expect to reach anywhere near 50,000 but I think it'll be a good motivational tool to get some words down. The whole point of NaNoWriMo is quantity and not quality - basically just get the words down, don't read over your work and start editing because you'll never get to the finish line. The idea being that even if a lot of those 50,000 words aren't useable, there are probably some gems in there, or ideas to spark off better writing.

I signed up to the website yesterday and joined the Liverpool Forum - woo hoo, people in the actual area I live taking part. There are a number of events scheduled in October and November to get the region through the month. These include meet ups, supply shopping and write-ins. And it just so happens that each Monday in November, the write-ins are in Waterstones Liverpool One and since I seem to spend most of my spare time in there, why not spend a little more? The first one coincides with my book club, so I'll just go to the first half hour and see what it's like, knowing I'll be escaping at 6pm.

Apprently it is advised that you tell as many friends and family as you can that you're writing a novel in November, in the hope that the thought of public humiliation if you don't succeed will spur on your motivation, should it start to lack. I have told a few people but will not be aiming for potential humiliation thank you very much. I've also taken the same laid back approach with telling people as I am here - by stating that I doubt I'll reach 50,000 words, so I'm technically setting myself up to fail already, but never mind I can live with that :) But it would be useful if anyone who reads this asks me from time to time what my word count is, maybe every few days, as a sort guilt trip, if you will.

I bought a little writing kit when I was in America, about 2 years ago but it's pretty much just stayed in the box but I noticed that loads of people were saying on the NaNoWriMo website that they always had their handy copy of 'No Plot, No Problem' near them during November - which just so happens to be the kit I'd bought, so I dug it out yesterday and now realise that I have owned this little kit for 2 years, which tells you all about this writing challenge and is written by the founder of it! I could have tried this out for the last 2 years - I could have been like all those other people on there stating how this was their 3rd NaNoWriMo and how wonderful it was and how they'd "won" at both previous attempts. Ok that may sound a little facetious, but I don't really mean it, I'm just jealous :) It's pretty admirable to be able to write so many words in so little time, especially if you're working and have family and social commitments.

Ok so here is where I need your help people - I have so little time before November 1st and I have no ideas - it's like being told to think of something on the spot-  like when someone says 'say something' -nothing ever comes to mind except 'something'. Now other people doing this challenge have spent months thinking about their plot and their characters etc - although they are not allowed to write any actual words until November 1st, but you are allowed to write notes and work out what will happen in your story. Which is why I can't use any works currently in progress, it has to be something brand new. So if anyone could jump start my imagination, that would be fantastic - I'll acknowledge you when I get my million pound book deal :-p Or even if you let me know what genre you think I'd be good at writing - I'm always drawn to fantasy, but would be willing to explore something else if anyone thinks anything else is better suited.

So now I will sit here and wait for all the comments to flood in...and wait...and wait...

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  1. Don't forget my idea of the young wizard, I know it's a bit "out there" but think it has potential!