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Monday, 18 October 2010

Cheltenham Festival - Day Three (and four)

On my final morning in Cheltenham I had to check out of the hotel by 10am even though my final talk wasn't until 2pm and they wouldn't let me leave my car there until the end of the talk, so I had to go back and pick it up about 1pm so I wouldn't have to pay for as many hours.

This final talk was at the Playhouse Theatre and was How to get published the unconventional way. This talk was a little strange and I'm not sure what to make of it but there were definitely some useful points to take out of it.

I made the long journey home after this talk - which took longer than normal since I left about rush hour on a Friday evening and there were roadworks and the like - silly me!

I drove home, knowing I'd be driving back down again very early on Sunday morning for a second writing workshop which I very much wanted to go to as it was about Writing for Teenagers. So bright and early I got up on Sunday morning (silly o'clock) and set off about 6:45am as I had to be there for 10am and I wasn't exactly sure where the venue was.
I arrived about 9:30am at the Parabola Arts Centre. The lady taking this workshop was Celia Rees a much published author of teenage novels.
This workshop was definitely worth the drive back down as it was very interesting and she directed all of it and gave us all lots of interesting tips and advice, not just specifically on writing for teenagers, but on writing in general and the 3 hours just flew by.

I'd definitely like to win the lottery and go back and do loads of things next year, but the chances of that seem slim to none - but in the meantime, I can dream and I can write...

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