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Wednesday, 4 August 2010


My week off work, which I was going to use to keep moving on with my writing, hasn't quite turned out like that. Procrastinating is so easy, there's always something so much more important to do at the time, like check my emails for the millionth time since I logged on :) One thing no one procrastinates on is procrastinating.

I have done a couple of things, I've started editing a short story, which is quite hard as I don't really like reading my own stories. I've also continued on writing another short story, although I'm only a page and a half into it, so should really keep on with that. As for my assignment 4, I've still yet to look at it properly, I know it's about magazines again and I find them so hard to get into. I've never been a magazine reader, I've always been more interested in the fictional world; plus magazines are so expensive, especially when used only as research!
I'm still determined to stick with the non fiction section of the course however as I feel it will help me be more concise. Originally I had thought I may find a hidden talent for that kind of writing, but now I know there's no chance of that! lol Finding topics to write about is a nightmare, I definitely feel like I know nothing about anything, well not enough detail for an article.

Today I have emailed a couple of magazines with article proposals from my last assignment, so we'll see how they go. I've also been looking up a variety of short story competitions that I could enter; never realised how many of them there are out there! But the Freelance Market News and various people's blogs that I follow have been very helpful with this information.

Can't remember whether I mentioned this in a previous post but I've been considering trying to do an interview with an author I'll be going to see soon, but I feel far too scared to do that yet, I don't feel I have the confidence to go for it. Plus I think it's getting a little late for setting it up and then there's lots of planning of questions involved and I also don't own a dictaphone so it wouldn't be the most professional interview. I think I've already talked my self out of the idea for now - I'm sure there'll be opportunities with other people in the future.

Right, I think I'll venture off and read what assignment 4 has in store for me :-(

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