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Friday, 13 August 2010

This isn't working


This assignment is just not working for me right now. The last couple of weeks have seen a lack of desire to get on with it, mostly for the usual excuse of I don't know what to write about. I also feel these first few assignments have been very similar and having no particular theme to write about makes it harder. I've always found that when given an essay or anything at college/University, for example, you complain that you have to write about a topic chosen by the lecturer, but now I wish for those days back again.

You might think that an open assignment sounds easy as there's 'so many things you could write about', but think about it, can you pin down one thing you want or can write about? Especially then considering you have to do market research, so you have to find a magazine to fit the topic you want to go with and then write it in the same style as that magazine. None of it really gives any freedom, except for finding an initial topic - it's always got to fit in with an editor's style.

These are my reasons for liking writing fiction - although I do realise that if you finish a novel and want to sell it, changes would need to be made, but your writing style and storyline would remain. Writing fiction allows you to just leave this world for a little while and focus on something more exciting and (often) impossible in the real world. Of course you do eventually have to return and find something non-fiction to write about, so you definitely come back to Earth with a bump.

I will try my hardest to stop wasting time and get onto it on Sunday and try and spend a full day focused on it. I plan on doing a step by step article and I already have most of the bits I need for it as I will actually have to construct it at the same time as I intend on taking pictures of the process. Plus buying the bits will allow me to provide a cost - luckily I know someone I can give the finished product to so it's not money wasted.

I hope to come back on here on Monday and say I've completed at least one section of my assignment. :)

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  1. Sorry to hear that you struggling with the assignment if there is anything I can do to help, I dont know how much use I would be, but if I can I will... Anyway i just wanted to say, I liking the new colour scheme much better.