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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Finally started

And here I was on Friday, all ready to be saying I hadn't done anything with my assignment. Such doubt in myself (not as you can blame me lol).

I managed to comlpete question 1 of 3 of Assignment 4 - woo hoo! I have now written 3 reader's letters for 3 different magazines on 3 different topics. I wrote to Easy Living, Sainsbury's Magazine and Writing Magazine. From those 3 titles, it's not hard to imagine writing about 3 separate topics really is it? As they are letters for magazines, I haven't waited for them to be looked at before actually sending them out. Purely because I don't know how long it'll take me to finish the other two sections and by that time, it could be far too late to send them, as magazines want fairly quick responses so that the letters remain pretty relevant to recent articles. For the Writing Magazine, most of the letters refer to articles in only the previous issue, so it shows you how fast it moves!

I'm pretty certain I know what my article will be on for the next bit of the assignment, I just need to find a market for it and I'm not sure who to aim for. Once I've decided on the publication, questino 2 will be quick and easy as it's just an analysis on that publication and we've done that before. Although I am concerned that the article I have in mind won't work as one full article and could turn out to be just a filler, in which case, I'll have to write something else, come up with a second idea! So my target for the step by step article is to get it to at least 500 words. Ususally I'm not very concise so it wouldn't be too difficult but I'm finding that with non-fiction I'm having to pad things out a bit which is as difficult as editing a piece that's too long.
Oh well, onward and upward!

I'm about three quarters of the way through Mark Billingham's second book, Scaredy Cat, so I should have it finished in time for the "evening with..." on Wednesday which will be nice. Although to be honest, I can't see myself actually asking any questions, I'm far too chicken for that kind of thing - need to get some confidence from somewhere! lol

I'm hoping to go to the library tomorrow night to have a think about my article and try and write a bit without as much distraction as there is at home (TV, internet, reading books and generally anything else that could possibly be done instead of my assingment!). It's like being back at school doing all this procrastinating! lol. I need to be good at doing this so I can call myself self motivated for when I go to interviews :) Ok, so I won't be able to actually write the article at the library as I will need to actually do the thing step by step so I can make sure the instructions can be easily followed, but I can write down what the general order is and sort it all out. Putting it down on paper will help. I think finding the cardboard will be the hardest part to be honest, the rest of it should be quite easy (from what I remember from last time anyway). Not sure when I'll be able to finish this assignment with various things on this week and I'm away next weekend and I have a few things the following week, so it could be the bank holiday weekend before I get around to it. We'll see though, maybe I can fit it around other stuff in the week. Plus I don't actually need to construct the whole thing in order to write about it, once I get to a certain point it'll be easier.

Anyway I'm off now - have to face the dentist in the morning :-(

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