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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Commissioned cakes

Wow, how time flies! Can't believe how long it's been since I did my last blog post, especially considering it was meant to be a two-parter - so I'm sure you've all been biting your fingernails just waiting for the conclusion to the cliffhanger :)

The reason for my lack of posting has a lot to do with cake. I've had quite a lot of orders and have been busy after work and on a weekend. On a positive note though I have had a visit from Environmental Health (at my request I hasten to add!) so that I can potentially set up a business from home. Luckily I passed with 4 stars! So I can now advertise properly and sell my cakes to people I don't know! I'll definitely be taking the food safety exam, though surprisingly this isn't a requirement! My brother will be doing a website for me which is great - I just need to fully decide and commit to a name I want to stick with. At the moment I'm Kate's Cakes (to go to my Facebook page, click here).

Anyway on to some pictures of my latest commissions: (I only have 2 different cake order pictures at the moment as I'm on the work computer - I'll upload more later)

The cake order above was for an 18th Birthday party. The birthday girl had received a Cath Kidston bag for her birthday so her sister thought it'd be a nice idea to do her a cake in the shape/design of one with 'stuff' spilling out of it and so the cake above was born. The 'stuff' spilling out includes an iPod, purse, makeup brush, lipstick, credit card, a key and a keyring (the G just poking out the bag).


The cupcakes above were for my friend's son's jungle themed 1st birthday party. I made monkeys, lions and elephants. A fun idea for a child's birthday.

My latest cake commission was for the parents of a new baby - apparently they had lots of practical gifts but not enough cake :)

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