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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Moving Out


I'm now all moved out of home and into my houseshare that I'm currently sharing with two other girls with a new guy due to move in in a couple of weeks.

When new year came I made the decision to move out and move on and it didn't take me very long to find a place. The house I'm in now is really big and can hold up to 6 tenants at any one time. I am occupying the only en suite bedroom which is nice :) no fighting for bathroom time! My room is nice and large and has amazingly fit all of my stuff in, with ease in fact. The house also has a huge kitchen, 2 living rooms, a utility room and a downstairs toilet.

Moving day happened to coincide with Valentine's Day. As I started to move all of my stuff downstairs into the living room at home, I did begin to worry that it wouldn't all fit in the new place and I was convinced we'd be spending the day making trips backwards and forwards, filling the cars up each time. However with help from my parents and my friend Sian, we managed to put everything into the 3 cars in just one trip so I was very pleased!

I have now spent two nights in the house and so far it's all good. My housemates are nice and sociable but I can also escape to my room for a little while with no guilt whatsoever which is fab :)

Anyway I think I will be happy here and hope this is the start of something new and exciting!

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